Clear Aligners vs. Metal Braces: 3 Reasons Why Patients Choose Invisalign®

For decades now, millions of orthodontic patients all around the world have chosen clear aligners instead of metal braces. With Invisalign® standing out as the most popular clear aligner worldwide! As the “clear alternative” to ordinary braces, it was the first solution of its kind approved by the FDA. Now, it’s easier than ever to enjoy clear aligners.

Here’s How to Know if Clear Aligners Are Right for You

There are a few requirements for clear aligners:

Permanent Teeth

Adults and older children can qualify for clear aligners in Port Orange. Younger teens and older kids may qualify if all or most of their permanent teeth are already in place. While kids too young for clear aligners can still benefit from two-phase treatment instead.

Patient Responsibility

Children and teens who might qualify for clear aligners should be responsible enough to keep them safe and to use them correctly. Clear aligners are removable, but they must be used for more than 20 hours a day each day. They must be handled with care and cleaned every day through brushing, soaking, or a combination.

Patient Prognosis

In cases where clear aligners are suitable, they provide all of the same treatment benefits as metal braces. That said, there are some cases where only metal braces will do. There are several types of misalignment of teeth. If you happen to have a kind that clear aligners can’t treat, then you would need to use braces instead.

The Three Biggest Reasons Patients Choose Invisalign®

1. Invisalign® Is the Most Discreet Option Around

Clear aligners are often preferred by image-conscious teens and adults who want the most subtle solution possible for their orthodontic treatment. Your orthodontist may be the only one who knows you have them.

2. Invisalign® Is Incredibly Convenient

Clear aligners are popular thanks to their convenience. Everybody loves having an orthodontic option they can remove whenever they want. Removing your aligners can make deep cleaning them, enjoying certain treats, and participating in sports possible.

3. Invisalign® Clear Aligners Really Work!

Other than metal braces, Invisalign® clear aligners are among the most researched and most widely used orthodontic treatment options in the world today. Dr. Beauchamp will make sure you can benefit fully.

If Clear Aligners Aren’t Right, Metal Braces Are a Great Alternative

Lots of patients get excited about clear aligners – and for those whose orthodontic condition can be treated by these aligners, they are a wonderful option. If you find that you can only get the help you need with metal braces, it can still be a terrific experience, no matter your age or current orthodontic concerns.

At Beauchamp Orthodontics, we’ve worked hard to make sure we have the best metal braces in Port Orange.

At any given time, about a quarter of Americans are wearing metal braces to correct an orthodontic issue. Of those, more than a million are adults! You can benefit from metal braces at any time of life. Yes, it’s true that younger patients might experience results faster, but they will work for anyone.

Dr. Beauchamp exclusively uses “small form factor” metal braces, which are much more compact and subtle as compared to the metal braces today’s parents probably grew up around. They are much harder to notice than average metal braces, so patients of all ages can feel more confident while wearing them.

For kids and teens, metal braces can become a lot more fun when they’re customized with colored bands. Kids really love their braces when they’re accented with their favorite color! And that makes the process a lot more enjoyable. Every time they look at their braces, they’ll have a reminder of something that makes them happy.

Plus, we also have clear braces. Clear braces are similar in structure to metal braces, but they are made from a clear plastic material similar to the kind used in clear plastic aligners. That makes them so much more discreet, even your friends might not notice you’re wearing them.

Beauchamp Orthodontics Is Here to Help with Metal Braces or Clear Aligners

No matter whether clear aligners or metal braces turn out to be right for you, we can help.

When you need a family-friendly orthodontist in Port Orange, Beauchamp Orthodontics is the next stop for you and all your loved ones. Dr. Marielle Beauchamp is a board-certified orthodontist in Port Orange who goes the extra mile to make sure you feel heard, cared for, and supported throughout your whole visit.

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