Same braces,
new size.

At Beauchamp, we opt for a smaller, less visible version of the metal braces that have been used to straighten teeth for over a century. Kids and adults enjoy having the opportunity to choose the color tie they prefer every time they come into the office.

Orthodontic treatments for everyone.

Are you dreaming of a straight and beautiful smile? We have a treatment for you no matter what issues your teeth present.

The traditional approach.

At Beauchamp, we offer several different treatment options; however, metal braces are the image that pops into most people’s minds when they think of visiting an orthodontist. While modern metal braces are smaller and less noticeable than past versions, they still involve stainless steel brackets attached to the patient’s teeth and wires attached to the brackets using the rubber band color of the patient’s choosing.

As you know, smile-enhancing orthodontic options have expanded over the years. Nonetheless, metal braces are still the most popular choice among patients and have a reputation for providing quick and effective results.

Metal braces are an excellent choice for children, teens, and adults. They improve an individual’s bite, give them a confident smile, and even boost self-esteem. Our consultations are free and an excellent time to learn more about metal braces or other options.

You’ll always come first.

Beauchamp is a boutique, patient-centered practice. We treat all of our patients like family and believe that orthodontics can be comfortable and fun! With a variety of treatment offerings, we have something for everyone.

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