Orthodontics in two phases.

Some patients require two phases of orthodontics in order to increase the success of their treatment. The first phase begins around 7-10 years of age and the second phase starts once the child’s permanent teeth have erupted.

Orthodontic treatments for everyone.

Are you dreaming of a straight and beautiful smile? We have a treatment for you no matter what issues your teeth present.

Treatments that grow with your child.

You may be wondering how we’ll treat your young child when they still have a mouth full of baby teeth. We treat your child’s mouth in phases. When we start early, often between the ages of 6-10, we’re able to correct structural issues that will make orthodontics more complicated down the line.

The purpose of phase 1 orthodontics is to create enough room for all of a child’s permanent teeth and treat any jaw or bite issues. When we address these issues early, as the bones in the mouth are still growing, we’re hoping to prevent some future interventions like the removal of permanent teeth or jaw surgery.

Phase 2 of Two-Phase treatment is what you think of when envisioning your child in orthodontic care. Braces are placed on the upper and lower teeth and slowly moved into place over a pre-determined period. In children who undergo Two-phase treatment, phase 2 is often made possible by the efforts in phase 1. Not every child will need two-phase treatment, but early intervention makes all the difference in their long-term success for those who do.

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