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An expander is a metal appliance used to widen the patient’s upper jaw so that the top and bottom teeth fit together properly. An expanded palate can reduce crowding and allow the permanent teeth to erupt in a proper position.

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One of the elements that contribute to a beautiful smile that you may not know much about is the size and shape of the palate (the roof of the mouth). Thankfully, we can adjust a patient’s palate using the Rapid Palate Expander device. The expander is a device that is attached to the upper teeth. When instructed by your orthodontist, a parent or guardian will use a key to activate the device and expand the upper palate. This expansion takes place over an extended period and results in the eventual widening of the palate.

An Expander can make room for crowded teeth, enable the top teeth to fit with the bottom teeth, and improve breathing. Your orthodontist can provide you with more information about palate expanders and whether or not your child could benefit from this type of intervention.

Expanders are an excellent tool in the toolbox of orthodontists. Many expander patients go on to have traditional braces, but some don’t. We can assess your child’s orthodontic needs and direct you toward the ideal treatment for them.

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