Millennials, Here’s What Today’s Orthodontic Treatment Options Look Like

Let’s face it: Most kids would rather do a bunch of other things rather than go to the orthodontist’s office.

If you’re a Millennial and you never had the chance to get orthodontic treatment, you can probably imagine your younger self saying “good!” After all, there weren’t many family-friendly orthodontists back then – certainly, none making the visit fun for kids.

Now here you are years later with kids of your own.

And you’re probably worried that they need braces.

Uh-oh, you might think. What should I do now?

There’s good news – for them and for you. Orthodontic treatment has changed a lot since you were that young. Whether your kids need braces or you’d like to address your own untreated orthodontic woes, it is easier than ever to choose an option that works for you.

Braces are still around and they work just as well as ever. But that’s not the whole story.

Let’s take a closer look at modern orthodontic treatment in Port Orange.

Braces Are Just the Beginning of Today’s Orthodontic Treatment Options

Braces have been around in one form or another for centuries because they work. Millions of people all over the world have had terrific results with them. As you read this, there are about 4 million Americans with braces – and about one million of those people are adults. Really!

Braces are still used for the most severe orthodontic issues. But even if it turns out braces are the only option that will reach your treatment goals, they don’t have to look the way they used to. Even today’s metal braces are a lot less conspicuous as a rule, without giving up the quality of care.

And new options you might not even know about could serve you even better.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the alternatives to metal braces:

1. Small Form Factor Braces

At Beauchamp Orthodontics, we never use the big, clunky braces you might be thinking of.

That’s because it simply isn’t necessary. The purpose of braces is to gently provide the right amount of pressure to move teeth to the treated position. With advances in engineering and materials science, it has become possible to do this with just a fraction of the metal.

The basic principles are always the same, so you can be sure of quality treatment. But today’s braces are small enough that they simply aren’t that noticeable. Yes, others can see them – but they are much less likely to be thinking about your braces than ever before.

We know kids and adults alike don’t want to have their whole unique personality boiled down to “the one with braces.” So, these smaller braces could be a wonderful step. And for kids who feel a little bit more comfortable with the idea of braces, we have a customization option they’ll love.

If they choose, they can get colored bands in their own favorite color.

We keep bands in kid-approved colors like yellow, blue, pink, and red. If this is something your child might like, it’s a good idea to talk through the decision before your visit. When kids get their favorite color in their braces, they’re more likely to think of them as something to show off, not something to hide!

As for adults who might not want to show off their braces, there are two other options.

2. Clear Braces

Clear braces are made mostly from clear plastic material. This means even though they can be the same size as other braces, they will be much more difficult to see. You easily spot them if you look for them in the mirror, but others might not even notice they’re there. That really appeals to most adults!

With clear braces, you don’t have to worry that treatment will take longer since you will get the same orthodontic results as someone with metal braces. You’ll visit Dr. Beauchamp on a regular schedule to get your braces adjusted.

This ensures you are on track and keeps a healthy, effective level of pressure on your braces.

Clear braces are an affordable and durable “middle of the road” option for someone who wants to be more subtle but doesn’t qualify for clear plastic aligners. They’re also easy to clean and take care of. If you run into any issues, you may even be able to fix them at home.

What if you’re someone who works in broadcasting, entertainment, or another area where you might actually have people looking at your teeth? No matter if it’s for your own needs or those of your image-conscious teen, there’s a premium option in the world of discreet orthodontics.

3. Invisalign® Clear Aligners

You’ve probably heard the name Invisalign®. But do you know how amazing they really are?

Invisalign® is the clear alternative to ordinary braces. Come in the form of clear plastic aligners you can remove at any time, they’re almost impossible to see. Many patients have reported that Dr. Beauchamp is the only person who knows they’re wearing Invisalign®. They really are that good.

There are a few other positives that you can only get with Invisalign®:

a. Invisalign® Are the Easiest to Clean

Sometimes, it can be tough for busy older teens and young adults to get used to cleaning their braces. It’s important to avoid certain foods that can get stuck in them or even break them. With Invisalign®, there are no worries. While you do have to wear them for most of every day to see results, you can simply remove them for cleaning.

b. Invisalign® Treatment Is Usually Just as Fast as Metal Braces

There are certain conditions that can only be treated with braces, not Invisalign®. But for patients who qualify for them, they usually work about as quickly as braces. (teens tend to get faster results than adults – but adults will get there if they follow their treatment plan and keep their appointments!)

c. You Can Keep Your Invisalign® Aligners Safe While Playing Sports

This is especially vital for teen athletes. When you’re playing sports, it’s extra crucial to keep your teeth safe. Wearing an athletic mouth guard is a must – but simply removing Invisalign® during the game will ensure nothing bad can happen to your aligners. That’s a relief for most teens and their parents.

The Right Orthodontic Treatment for the Whole Family Is Waiting for You

If you’ve always wanted a straight, healthy smile – but you were worried about having a “face full of metal” – now’s the time to get excited about orthodontic treatment. And if someone you love needs braces, Beauchamp Orthodontics will help them see that it really is something to smile about.

As one of the few board-certified orthodontists in Central Florida, Dr. Beauchamp combines the highest quality of care with an environment that puts patients’ minds at ease. We know how to have fun with the kids while making life a little bit easier for adults.

Schedule your consultation today to get started. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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