Braces in Port Orange: 3 Reasons Families Choose Beauchamp Orthodontics

When you’re looking for a local orthodontist in Port Orange, it’s important to make the right choice. Your whole family should be comfortable with an orthodontist who provides you with the highest quality of care. There are many factors to consider when you get braces, but some are definitely more important than others!

If you search for “orthodontists near me” in Port Orange and surrounding communities, you’ll see that you have plenty of options. In the end, though, only one of those options is truly the best for getting braces in Port Orange. It’s a lot of work to switch orthodontists, so it’s helpful to make the right decision from the start.

At Beauchamp Orthodontics, we have worked hard to be the best family orthodontist for braces in Port Orange. With that in mind, we’ve reviewed feedback from hundreds of our happy clients as well as many who switched over from other orthodontists. Here’s what stands out:

1. Look for Board-Certified Orthodontist Care in Port Orange

Every practicing orthodontist has gone through years of schooling. That usually includes four years of college plus two years of medical school curriculum and at least two years with a  special focus on orthodontics. However, there are some Florida orthodontists who go above and beyond with additional training.

A board-certified orthodontist has achieved advanced training and specialization. Plus, they verify their skills and knowledge with a number of challenging tests. This includes written exams as well as practical ones. When they become board-certified, they’re also expected to contribute to research in the orthodontic field.

To remain a board-certified Florida orthodontist, Dr. Marielle Beauchamp has engaged in thousands of hours of continuing education. Her dedication to the very best quality of care is reflected in every patient interaction. It’s one of the reasons why Beauchamp Orthodontics has a 4.9 customer rating with over 200 Google reviews.

No matter which orthodontist you ultimately choose, a board-certified orthodontist is your best bet. These elite Florida orthodontists provide great expertise, experience, and reputation you can rely on for all of your needs.

2. Choose a Convenient and Accessible Orthodontic Office

You have a busy schedule with a lot of different commitments, so it’s vital to choose a local orthodontist who really values your time. The best orthodontists are thorough but efficient. They won’t keep you waiting long, starting their appointments on time and getting it all done so you can go about your day with confidence.

Beauchamp Orthodontics’ convenient Port Orange location is just one of the ways we strive to look out for you and your family. With our orthodontics financing, you never need to wait for the care you’ve decided to get. A quick, clear response to your financing request can save you weeks or even months on your treatment timeline.

Thanks to board-certified Port Orange orthodontist Marielle Beauchamp, we can also apply braces for our new patients faster than anyone else in the area. No matter if the patient is a child, teen, or adult, our unique same-day braces deliver an option that saves time while giving you excellent quality of care.

Same-day braces in Port Orange mean no going home and then scheduling a new appointment, so you already save days or even a whole week. Our same-day braces are our metal braces, simply provided faster and easier. We also have clear plastic aligners for adults and responsible teens with most orthodontic conditions.

3. Select a Family Friendly Orthodontist You Can Trust

A truly family-friendly orthodontist in Port Orange should be ready to provide understanding to every member of the family. From the young to the young at heart, Dr. Marielle Beauchamp knows just how to put patients at ease. She can explain orthodontic procedures to kids on their level and make the process fun for everyone.

Dr. Beauchamp’s caring demeanor is central to the experience at our office and something everybody upholds. From the moment you step through our door, we’ll work to help you feel relaxed. Our waiting room is always a place full of fun and exciting surprises that will keep kids, tweens, and even teens occupied.

Our glowing customer reviews will tell you that professionalism and true care for your well-being are the true cornerstones of your time at Beauchamp Orthodontics. When it comes to brightening your day, we believe customer care is just as valuable as patient care, and we’ll never cut corners on making your visit wonderful.

Book your consultation online and we’ll see you soon at the best family orthodontist in Port Orange! We look forward to greeting you in person.


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