How To Find The Best Orthodontist For Your Family

Are you looking for a local orthodontist you can trust with your family’s health?

While there are lots of great local orthodontists in Central Florida, only one will truly be the best family orthodontist for you. When you want the best orthodontist in Port Orange or your own town, the key is researching your options. Luckily, it’s easier than ever to do just that!

Finding the Best Orthodontist in Central Florida for You

When it comes to the best local orthodontist, there’s no “one size fits all” solution. It depends on your needs and the ability of a given orthodontist to meet them. That said, it’s never been simpler to research your local Central Florida orthodontists and come to a decision you’ll be happy with.

These days, practically every legitimate business has a website. An orthodontist website tells you a lot about an orthodontist and their practice. You can learn about their education and credentials, whether they are board-certified, and what their office is like. All this gets done before you even set foot inside for the first time.

A Central Florida orthodontist website isn’t your only resource, either. You can also look at reviews from third-party websites you trust. When you find a local orthodontist who seems like they might be a good fit, the next step is to get on the phone and get your questions answered. Then, you might schedule a free consultation.

Here’s what to look for when you’re comparing local orthodontists in Central Florida:

1. Check the Doctor’s Qualifications

What’s the purpose of an orthodontist website, anyway? One of its big uses is to make sure potential patients understand the doctor’s credentials. You might not know which dental schools are considered the best, but you don’t have to. You can get a good sense of how qualified a doctor is with two helpful pieces of information.

The first is whether an orthodontist is board-certified. A board-certified orthodontist has gone through special “extra” training after orthodontist school. That training goes above and beyond what’s required to practice. Board-certified orthodontists have been tested on their skills and must maintain continuing education.

Another good thing to look at is years of experience. While it’s vital to have a sound orthodontics education, it’s all about how each doctor chooses to put that knowledge into practice. All things considered, someone with a few years of experience is far more likely to offer a consistent, high quality level of care than a newcomer.

2. Look at The Office’s Reputation

These days, prospective patients have lots of ways to learn about their orthodontists, dentists, and other doctors in Central Florida. We recommend looking at reviews from vetted third-party websites you know.

Websites like Google Reviews and Yelp showcase real reviews from customers. They are glad to share the good, the bad, and the ugly of working with any business. Orthodontists are no exception! Of course, it is possible to post a fake review. Real reviews are overwhelmingly in the majority, though.

At Beauchamp Orthodontics, we’re proud to have an average 4.9 review score based on more than 220 Google reviews. That’s a testament to our drive to keep patients comfortable and supported throughout orthodontic treatment. By review score, we could even call our office “the best local orthodontist in Port Orange.”

Facebook and Yelp are some other options for checking out a local orthodontist’s reviews.

3. Understand the Environment

Even though orthodontists are all bound to follow certain standards of care, they also do things their own way. These personal quirks can make a big difference in your experience. Orthodontists usually have a particular type of patient they work best with and they will build their whole business approach around that person.

At Beauchamp Orthodontics, board-certified Port Orange orthodontist Dr. Marielle Beauchamp set out to create a practice the whole family can love. Dr. Beauchamp understands how to explain treatment options like metal braces to kids and teens while using same-day braces and other features to make adults’ lives easier.

By contrast, there are some orthodontists who focus on adult orthodontics (with approaches like clear plastic aligners for adults) and those who only see the youngest patients in need of two-phase treatment. Select an orthodontist whose philosophy matches what you expect from your care!

Are you ready to meet with a dedicated family orthodontist who knows how to work with everyone from kids and teens to adults? At Beauchamp Orthodontist, we strive to make your day better. To get answers and learn about orthodontic treatment options directly from Dr. Beauchamp, schedule your free consultation today.


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