3 Reasons You Should Take Your 7-Year-Old to the Orthodontist

The American Association of Orthodontists agrees: Kids should see an orthodontist at 7 years old!

Whereas the first dental visit is recommended within twelve months – as soon as the first tooth comes in – it takes until age 7 for a child’s teeth, jaw, and soft tissues to develop enough so orthodontists can spot the early signs of problems. And early orthodontic treatment is always associated with greater oral health throughout life!

Are you wondering whether it’s time for your child to visit a Port Orange family orthodontist?

While it’s true most kids won’t need immediate orthodontic treatment, it never hurts to get started early. In fact, there are a variety of reasons you should bring your 7-year-old to the orthodontist in Port Orange. Let’s take a closer look and find out how it can help:

1. Your Child Might Need Two-Stage Orthodontic Treatment

The most important reason to opt for an early orthodontic visit is that it might be crucial to your child’s health.

While most kids will have no problem with the eruption of their permanent (“adult”) teeth, the truth is that not everyone has an easy time with it. Do you remember what teething was like when your little one was small? A problem with the arrival of adult teeth can be much worse.

For some kids, it’s just about time for those new teeth to arrive but there simply isn’t enough space for them.

In situations like these, it’s essential the soft palate of the mouth is expanded in time to accommodate the full set of adult teeth. That’s the first part of what we call two-phase orthodontic treatment. The second phase is the conventional metal braces most people are familiar with (but ours are smaller and kid-friendly.)

Without orthodontic treatment, kids could suffer from an impacted tooth. Impacted teeth happen when teeth can’t fully grow out from the gums. Sometimes, the tooth itself will even be turned sideways. Not only is this a very uncomfortable experience, it requires surgery. Two-stage orthodontic treatment is much easier!

2. Getting Used to Orthodontic Care Early Helps Healthy Habits

At Beauchamp Orthodontics, we strive to create a family-friendly office where patients of all ages will feel totally comfortable. But we know that sometimes, young kids might feel worried and intimidated about going to a doctor. That can be true of orthodontists, dentists, and all the rest.

For most kids, it only takes a few successful visits to start feeling relaxed and calm not only with the family orthodontist but with all of the other healthcare professionals they might encounter. This age while kids are in early elementary school is often ideal when it comes to getting started with healthy habits so they grow up learning to navigate wellness.

Compared to an annual check-up or even a dental cleaning, a visit to the orthodontist is low-stress – and we will do everything we can to make it fun. Even if it turns out your child doesn’t need orthodontic treatment, you can leave our office knowing that you have the right help in your corner for optimal orthodontic care.

With all sorts of fun surprises, raffles, and special events, we’ll make your visit as easy and enjoyable as can be. With your permission, we can even send your child a little birthday gift on their special day.

3. You Can Enjoy Peace of Mind with a Family Orthodontist

Let’s face it: Orthodontic treatment isn’t just for the kids! Your life is also easier and better knowing you have a place to turn whenever your family needs local orthodontic care. Beauchamp Orthodontics welcomes you with a bevy of convenient features such as same-day braces and financing for orthodontic treatment.

By helping you save time, our team wants to make it easier than ever to fit orthodontic care into your busy schedule. You’ll never need to wait to get started on the treatment you need, and Dr. Beauchamp will always be there to walk you through every detail before you decide on anything.

Easy, convenient treatment, fast scheduling, and total support both during and between your visits – these are just some of the ways Dr. Beauchamp and the team are here for you. We don’t only see children, either! Anyone can benefit from orthodontic treatment, and we welcome teens and adults too.

Even though getting started early with orthodontic treatment is best, it’s also never too late. You can start to see the benefits of orthodontic care for adults in a matter of months with products like Invisalign®.

Book your consultation today and we’ll see you soon at Beauchamp Orthodontics!


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