What Are The Benefits of Starting Orthodontic Care At A Young Age?

Orthodontic treatment focuses on correcting misalignment of teeth. Misalignment can be noticeable in the form of tooth gaps, crowded teeth, protruding teeth, and a whole lot more.

Adults, teens, and children alike can all benefit from personalized orthodontic treatment. That said, early treatment is best when it comes to maintaining good dental health for life.

As kids start to get their very first teeth, they should see a Port Orange orthodontist. An orthodontist can figure out whether teeth are on their way to being straight, strong, and healthy.

Most kids won’t need orthodontic treatment right away, but there are some cases where it’s important to get started early. With two-phase treatment, orthodontic care starts around age 7-10.

The second phase of treatment happens once the child’s permanent teeth have erupted.

Many adults have some minor orthodontic issues and might never have received care for them. If you’re new to all this, it might sound a little bit strange to hear that kids can start orthodontic care at a young age. Of course, everyone’s mouth and teeth are different – and in some cases, care is crucial!

Why It’s So Vital to Start Orthodontic Care Young

There are plenty of benefits to getting started with orthodontic care early.

These not only include health benefits, but better confidence and much more.

Plus, it can also be good for Mom and Dad’s budget to take care of orthodontic problems before they develop. Straighter teeth are stronger and easier to care for, which affects the teeth and gums as a whole. That can help kids in the quest to be cavity-free and have white, shiny teeth.

Let’s take a closer look at why early orthodontic treatment is so beneficial:

1. Early Orthodontic Care Usually Gets Faster and More Comfortable Results

All in all, early orthodontics care is more likely to create desirable results fast. Orthodontic tools use only very light pressure on the teeth to move them into alignment. Children respond to this more than adults. In some cases, treatment can be completed in months where it might take adults a year or more.

Children are also more likely to adapt quickly to braces or other orthodontic appliances. Yes, it’s a team effort – they’ll need help making sure that their braces are clean and avoiding some foods that interfere with treatment. All in all, though, noticeable results and few complications are the norm for kids.

2. Early Orthodontic Care Helps Protect Teeth and Make Them Easier to Clean

Even when a child is only seven, it’s not too early to think about the long game when it comes to teeth!

This age is pivotal when it comes to overall dental health. When teeth are misaligned, some surfaces are naturally more difficult to reach. That leaves them hard to clean and makes plaque build-up more likely.

Even when children are trying very hard to care for their teeth, they can become pretty discouraged when it seems like nothing they do matters! But it’s not their fault – misaligned teeth are harder to deal with. Even adults can have problems with them. Orthodontic care makes life easier now and later on.

3. Successful Early Orthodontic Care Is Associated with Fewer Dental Problems Later

Yes, kids have the benefit of getting a whole second set of teeth between ages 3-7. But it doesn’t mean that first set is less important. Everything counts, especially because the gums will be responsible for supporting teeth all throughout life. Orthodontic care today means stronger teeth years from now!

Misaligned teeth can come in at radical angles that reduce the nourishing connection between them and the gum tissue. They are also more vulnerable to mechanical wear and tear. This is because of humans’ amazing bite force and the way all this pressure can be unevenly distributed in the mouth.

Even when orthodontic issues don’t look serious, they are contributing to this pressure on the teeth.

Untreated orthodontic problems make it far more likely that teeth will chip, crack, and wear down. While this often goes unnoticed early in life, it will really make a difference later on. That also means spending less money on dental health procedures overall. Orthodontic care really is an investment in the future!

4. Orthodontic Care Sets the Stage for Better Dental Health Habits Throughout Life

Brushing and flossing never get less valuable for overall health.

Yet, kids learn all about them right now, when they’re at their most impressionable!

One of the best things a parent can do for their kids is model good dental health behaviors from an early age. Millions of Americans suffer from dental anxiety and avoid going to any kind of dentist unless it’s an emergency. This leads to a lot of preventable problems that make life rockier!

By committing to early orthodontic care, you’re showing them that there’s nothing to fear.

The early ideas that kids form about dentists and orthodontists will influence them for years to come. That’s one reason why Beauchamp Orthodontics is the Port Orange orthodontist that makes a family-friendly office a top priority. We’ll help you show your little ones that orthodontic care can be fun!

With that kind of confidence, they can go on to make smart dental care choices for life.

5. Kids Tend to Be More Resilient About Orthodontic Care than Teens Are

Teens can get orthodontic care, too. But when the option is there, kids tend to like the journey more.

Beauchamp Orthodontics is the Port Orange orthodontist that’s introduced a wide range of subtle, yet effective orthodontic treatments for the image-conscious teen. That includes same-day metal braces with a more compact and fashion-friendly design. Of course, the quality of care is as high as ever.

While it might take a little elbow grease to win teens around to the idea of orthodontic care, kids often see it as something fun and exciting. No matter your child’s age, though, we will work with you to ease them into the process. We know how to explain things on their level without talking down to them.

Curiosity is a big motivation for younger kids, and orthodontic care can be an adventure.

When Orthodontic Care Starts Early, You’re Setting Kids Up For Success

Orthodontic care is one of those things you just shouldn’t put off – and that goes double for kids.

At Beauchamp Orthodontics, we know kids are always paying attention. With years of experience, Dr. Marielle Beauchamp has a knack for getting them out of their shell and into the treatment chair with a smile.

And a smile is exactly what they’ll have when they see the results of treatment. After all, when it’s time to make new friends on the playground, in the classroom, and in life, a smile goes a long way. And orthodontic care can help kids feel more confident in their smile so they’ll enjoy meeting other people.

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