Why Beauchamp Orthodontics is the Best Place to Get Braces in Port Orange

Kids, teens, and adults can use braces to straighten their teeth. Braces give you the straight, beautiful smile you want while correcting problems like gaps between teeth.

Orthodontics is all about correcting the position of teeth and ensuring the health of your jaw. Braces are helpful for almost any kind of orthodontic problem, no matter how serious it is.

Most patients start seeing results within just a few months after getting braces. Of course, every mouth is different and special – just like you. Each patient will have their own needs and timeline for treatment.

When you first find out you need braces, you might be a little bit nervous, and you will want a Port Orange orthodontist who gives you the special attention you deserve.

Dr. Marielle Beauchamp is the trusted Port Orange orthodontist who makes getting braces easy for patients of all ages. Even if you feel nervous about going to the orthodontist, Dr. Beauchamp makes the process comfortable.

9 Reasons Dr. Beauchamp Is the Port Orange Orthodontist You’ll Want to Come Back To

Dr. Beauchamp has built her practice to make it fun for everyone. You deserve the opportunity to have the smile you want – and you can enjoy yourself along the way, too!

Here are nine ways Beauchamp Orthodontics stands out as the top Port Orange orthodontist for braces:

1. With Us, You Always Come First

You’re not just a number with Beauchamp Orthodontics. Our boutique, patient-centered practice means giving you the highest quality of customer service and orthodontic care all under one roof. We treat all of our patients like family. From the very beginning, our goal is to create a comfortable environment for you.

A big part of that commitment is making sure you get the best treatment to meet your needs. We are always glad to explain your options in-depth, how they work, and why they fit. You’ll never feel rushed into making a decision without the facts. We want you to feel confident in your care every step of the way.

2. We’re The Top Port Orange Orthodontist For Kids

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends children see an orthodontist for the first time by the age of seven. While many kids won’t need treatment at this age, some are eligible for the first part of treatment. It is not unusual for kids to be a little scared at the thought of braces, but we are here to help!

Our fun, friendly environment is ideal for young children. We want to make the best first impression so they will be interested in good dental health for life. That means taking extra steps to make everything fun and exciting. We know how to relate to kids on their level and never talk down to them!

Some kids may need two-phase treatment to improve the health of their adult teeth. For them, the first phase starts between ages 7 and 10, and the second begins when the permanent teeth erupt. We help kids take it easy at the orthodontist so they’ll never feel anxious or afraid when it’s time to sit in the big chair.

3. Teens Can Get Excited About Braces With Dr. Beauchamp

Teens might be brave when it comes to the orthodontist, but they often have a whole different concern: How their braces look and whether they’ll still be cool! With our wide variety of options, we have something that will help image-conscious teens maintain their confidence and reach their smile goals.

Many teens qualify for Invisalign® – the “clear alternative” to traditional braces. These clear plastic aligners are so subtle, no one needs to know your teen has them. We know exactly what it takes to help put teens on the road to success with Invisalign®. We’ll get them active and ready to take part in their treatment!

4. Adults Can Get In On The Fun, Too

Orthodontic care isn’t just kids’ stuff! Adults can benefit from braces and other treatment options, too. Even if you have never had treatment for crooked teeth, gaps, and other orthodontic issues, you can still enjoy real results. Metal braces, clear braces, Invisalign®, and Spark™️ clear aligners are all popular with adults.

5. We Have a Full Assortment of Treatments to Meet Your Needs

No matter what kind of braces are best for you, Beauchamp Orthodontics can help. Traditional metal braces are just the beginning. Invisalign® clear plastic aligners are great for nearly anyone with all or most of their permanent. Spark™️ clear aligners are also available. These give you a simple, removable option to make eating, brushing, and flossing easier.

Sometimes, metal braces are the best for your situation – but that doesn’t mean you don’t have any choices! We use a more compact, less visible style of metal braces for both kids and adults. You can choose the colors you prefer to reflect your own personal style. Yes, metal braces really can be fun.

We also offer expanders to widen a patient’s upper jaw, reduce crowding, and make room for permanent teeth.

6. We Are The Top Port Orange Orthodontist For Invisalign®

Invisalign® is the most popular option when it comes to clear aligners. They are incredibly convenient and can be removed at any time for eating, cleaning, or playing sports. They are also sized precisely to your mouth to give you a perfect fit you’ll get used to in no time. And in some cases, they can be faster than ordinary braces.

7. You Can Get Your New Braces Done On The Same Day

Speaking of fast, there may be no need to wait for the braces you want! Our same-day braces ensure you start your treatment right away, on the same day as your new patient appointment when possible. Parents love the chance to save time in their busy schedules by using this unique option offered by no other Port Orange orthodontist.

8. We Have A Dental Financing Plan You’ll Smile About

To help everyone get the highest quality of care, Dr. Beauchamp has options and offers a financing plan. All patients are eligible for in-house, zero-interest financing. We can tell you all about your options after your initial consultation!

9. We Make It Easy For You To Use Your Insurance Plan

Do you have orthodontic insurance coverage? Our Port Orange orthodontist team will take care of all the paperwork for you. It has never been simpler to put your insurance to work and get affordable treatment fast.

There’s no need to stress when it’s time for braces. Whether it’s you or your child who needs treatment, you are in good hands at Beauchamp Orthodontics. We strive to exceed your expectations. We hope your whole family will visit us and experience the difference of a family-friendly orthodontist in Port Orange.

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