Invisalign® Q&A: Your Top Questions Answered

Invisalign® is the clear alternative to ordinary braces, and it’s getting more popular in Port Orange!

Dr. Beauchamp is a board-certified Port Orange orthodontist, among the few qualified to offer you the full range of Invisalign® services. Invisalign® is appropriate for adults and responsible teens who want the discreet appearance of its nearly translucent material.

We’re excited to share the answers to all your biggest questions about Invisalign®!

Let’s get started:

Q. What is Invisalign®?

A. Invisalign® comes in the form of clear plastic aligners that fit over the teeth. They provide the exact same treatment as braces: Putting gentle pressure on the teeth to move them safely to the “treated position.”

Before getting started with Invisalign®, Dr. Beauchamp will give a complete orthodontic checkup. This is the way to make sure your condition will respond well to Invisalign®. Once you get the thumbs up, then the fun really begins. Invisalign® is based on some of the most advanced technology in orthodontics.

To craft your customized Invisalign® aligners, Dr. Beauchamp needs to take detailed photos of your teeth. This is done with a sophisticated digital imaging system that usually produces full-color images. Amazing to think that it only takes a few minutes from start to finish!

For some patients, an impression of the teeth is made using putty.

Either way, your very own personal pair of Invisalign® aligners are fabricated with space-age technology and ready for pickup a few days later. You can start wearing them right away. There might be mild discomfort or a weird feeling for a day or two, but you’ll be used to them within a week.

Q. What are the biggest advantages of Invisalign®?

A. Invisalign® has so many advantages, it’s impossible to choose just one:

  • For most patients, Invisalign® works just as fast or even a little bit faster than metal braces
  • You can remove your Invisalign® aligners in seconds at any time for sports, eating, or cleaning
  • Invisalign®’s world-famous material means most people will never realize you’re using them
  • Invisalign® patients usually need fewer follow-up visits than patients with ordinary braces

Q. How is Invisalign® different from braces?

A. From a treatment perspective, Invisalign® and braces are super similar.

The biggest difference is that braces are installed on your teeth with adhesive and wire. The wires need to have exactly the right level of tension to move the teeth to a healthier position. That means they’ll be adjusted several times over the course of treatment. None of that stuff happens with Invisalign®.

From the very moment, you get your Invisalign® aligners, you can start using them. It’s easy to put them in and take them out in just a few seconds. Some people choose to take them out and soak them as part of cleaning. Just remember you should have them in for most of every day and night!

Q. Does everyone qualify for Invisalign®?

A. Invisalign® isn’t recommended for the most severe orthodontic problems, which can be a bummer for those who have them. That’s why it’s so important to get a thorough orthodontic evaluation before you go forward. It wouldn’t make any sense to pick an orthodontic treatment that doesn’t work for you!

Kids also can’t get Invisalign® – but we make metal braces and clear braces more fun for them!

Q. How long do you need to use Invisalign®?

A. Just like with braces, how long you use Invisalign® depends on your treatment goals and age.

Younger patients usually see results faster than adults, but everyone who uses Invisalign® as directed under the care of a board-certified orthodontist will get there eventually! A period of treatment could range from just six months to more than two years.

Unlike braces, Invisalign® aligners don’t need to be adjusted over time. You’ll use the same aligners all throughout treatment. You’ll still need to visit your Port Orange orthodontist every once in a while, of course, but not as much as you would with braces.

You can remove Invisalign® any time you want. Many people take them out to clean them. Likewise, it’s common to take them out and put them someplace safe while you’re playing sports – which can make things easier when you need to use an athletic mouthguard. But you’ll need to wear your aligners for more than 20 hours every day to get the results you want.

Q. Why do teens prefer Invisalign®?

A. Image-conscious teens love Invisalign® because it’s very difficult to tell someone is wearing them. They aren’t completely invisible, but let’s face it: Most people just aren’t staring at your mouth that long!

Another benefit teens love comes from the world of athletics. High school and college students who are involved in sports find it convenient to remove their Invisalign® aligners for the big game. That way, they can protect their aligners from accidents and feel more confident with their athletic mouthguards.

There’s also a practical reason to prefer Invisalign®. Sometimes, brushing in and around braces can be tough on kids and teens. Food can get stuck, and there are foods you shouldn’t eat with braces. Well, that’s never a concern with Invisalign® because you can always take them out to clean them if needed.

That sense of freedom helps younger patients feel like Invisalign® isn’t just “kids’ stuff.”

(And, psst: It can help them learn to take more responsibility for their oral and orthodontic health!)

Q. Is Invisalign® safe?

A. Invisalign® aligners have been used by millions of people all around the world for more than 20 years. They have a safety record comparable to braces – one of the safest and most reliable technologies in healthcare. The risk is minimal and there are virtually no reports of side effects.

On very rare occasions, some patients may have a mild allergic reaction to Invisalign® materials. This is not a life-threatening condition. Since Invisalign® is in contact with your gums for more than 20 hours a day, though, allergies mean you won’t be able to use Invisalign®.

Q. Are there any drawbacks to Invisalign®?

A. The answer is no … not really.

There’s only one thing to watch out for with Invisalign®: Make sure you keep them in a safe place whenever you take them out!

When braces get damaged, they can often be fixed at home. But if your Invisalign® aligners get dropped, stepped on, or kicked around, you will need a new pair. The new pair is fabricated and sent back to the orthodontist’s office. Naturally, there is a replacement fee.

Luckily, most patients never have this problem! And if it does happen, Beauchamp Orthodontics will be there to help.

Q. Is it time to find out if Invisalign® is right for me?

A. If you’re reading this … YES!

You have nothing to lose from an Invisalign® consultation, and Dr. Beauchamp will make it easy and fun. A certified Invisalign® orthodontist in Port Orange, she’s helped thousands of patients just like you to get a happier, healthier smile. Now’s the best time to find out more!

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