The Right Fit: Top Orthodontic Treatment Options

It’s never too late for the benefits of orthodontic treatment – and that includes you, Mom and Dad!

But no matter whether you’re looking for orthodontic treatment for adults or orthodontic treatment for kids, you still need to make choices about the best orthodontic treatments for you. Beauchamp Orthodontics strives to help you make an informed decision you can really feel confident about!

When you visit Beauchamp Orthodontics, you’ll get the advice you need directly from Dr. Beauchamp herself. Still, many of our patients feel better when they do some research on orthodontic treatment options on their own, especially when they’re looking for orthodontic treatment for kids in Port Orange.

Regardless of age, the majority of new patients will benefit from these modern orthodontic treatments:

Metal Braces

Metal braces are among the most common orthodontic treatments around. In fact, metal braces have been around in some form for centuries. They are extremely safe, with virtually no possible complications or side effects, and they work to treat nearly all orthodontic problems – no matter how serious.

You or your loved one will need metal braces to treat the most severe tooth misalignments and tooth gaps. We use “small form factor” metal braces that are harder for others to see, but provide all of the same benefits of braces. Kids can even customize their braces, getting bands of their favorite color.

Clear Braces

Clear braces provide all the same benefits as metal braces but they are made out of a clear plastic material that is similar to the material used for clear plastic aligners. Because clear braces are nearly transparent, it’s difficult for others to see them, even though they are the same size and have the same advantages as metal braces.

Of course, our clear braces use the same “small form factor” style as our metal braces, making them harder to see without detracting from the great way they treat almost any orthodontic issue. Almost all of the concerns that can be treated using metal braces can also be treated with clear braces if you prefer.


Invisalign® is the “clear alternative” to ordinary braces. It is made from a nearly transparent plastic material that it is even less obvious to the eye than the materials in clear braces. But Invisalign® aligners aren’t like braces at all: Instead, it is a removable solution that you can take out at any time.

Adults and kids can as young as age 8 may qualify for Invisalign® treatment, as long as enough permanent teeth have erupted which can happen at different ages for different people. Invisalign® has proven to be effective for the majority of orthodontic issues. People love Invisalign® because much of the time, only you and your orthodontist will know you wear them. That may help people who worry that their confidence will be affected by ordinary braces.

There are other benefits to Invisalign®, too. Although you’ll need to wear them for most of the day every day, you can remove them at any time. That can make them more convenient to clean and even helps if you’re playing sports or engaged in other hobbies where they might otherwise get damaged.

Invisalign® clear plastic aligners are molded specifically to your teeth, soft tissue, and mouth, so they offer you the best fit of any orthodontic treatment in Central Florida. Although you need to be careful with them when you take them out, braces are more prone to mild damage that requires fixing than Invisalign® aligners are.


Expanders are used to help young children who need additional space within the upper jaw so the bottom and top teeth will fit together the way they should. An expanded palate protects young people against a variety of serious and painful orthodontic conditions, including impacted teeth.

Impacted teeth are teeth that don’t erupt from the gum line correctly. They may even be turned sideways. This tends to be very painful and usually requires orthodontic surgery to fix. Luckily, it can all be avoided with simple and pain-free treatment using expanders. Most patients see benefits in just a few months.

Two-Phase Treatment

Two-phase treatment is a comprehensive approach to orthodontic health that begins sometime between six and ten years of age. Phase one of treatment uses expanders to make sure there’s sufficient space for “adult” teeth to erupt correctly. At the same time, many jaw and bite issues can be alleviated.

Phase two of treatment consists of the use of metal braces or clear braces. It’s “traditional” orthodontic care that focuses on making sure the teeth are straight and free of gaps. Straight teeth are easier to clean and are much less likely to chip or crack in the future. That provides life-long benefits!

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