Getting Started With Braces: What Your Child Should Expect

Kids often feel a little bit intimidated by the thought of getting metal braces.

At Beauchamp Orthodontics, our goal is a stress-free, family-friendly experience for everyone. We work hard to make our office the most enjoyable place to get braces in Port Orange.

Dr. Beauchamp is great at explaining orthodontic treatments for kids and teens in a way they understand without talking down to them. That helps them feel better about braces.

The result? A smoother, calmer process for everyone.

But we get it: Braces might be the very first medical procedure a kid has ever gone through. It can feel like a huge deal. The promise of a straight, healthy smile can seem very far away. So, it’s a wise idea to talk to your little ones and help them know what’s coming.

Today, we’ll give you the lowdown on braces.

Six Steps to Braces for Anyone in Port Orange

Braces have been around in some form for hundreds of years. Millions of people all over the world have had amazing results with them. More than four million people in the U.S. are wearing braces right now, and about one million of those are adults. They work at any age, and it’s never too late to get started.

Still, children see the fastest results from braces. An adult might need braces or clear aligners for two years or more, while some kids are done with their treatment in a few months. So, it’s a terrific idea to get them started early. And even if they’re nervous at first, they get used to it quickly.

There are six steps to getting braces, but the whole process is usually done in a little over an hour:

1. Initial Consultation

With same-day braces from Beauchamp Orthodontics, you don’t have to make a separate appointment for an initial consultation. If Dr. Beauchamp finds that braces would help, and you want to go forward, you can get it done on the same day. This is ideal for families with busy schedules!

Still, some parents do prefer to have a separate consultation. This gives your child the chance to meet Dr. Beauchamp and the staff, see the office, and get used to things in a stress-free environment. If your young one is fretful about braces, it might be best to do things this way.

2. Pre-Braces Cleaning

On the day of the braces appointment, be sure your child has brushed their teeth. It is okay to eat and drink normally before the appointment, but they should be prepared to sit still for about an hour. They will have the opportunity to use the restroom if needed, then tooth cleaning will begin.

A hygienist cleans teeth before braces are applied to ensure a smooth surface. This is important because a dental adhesive is used to help settle the brackets into place. The cleaner and smoother the tooth, the easier it is to create a strong bond. Cleaning only takes a few minutes and is discomfort-free.

3. Preparing the Brackets

In braces, the brackets are the small metal squares that attach to the front and side teeth. They are made of safe, surgical-grade stainless steel, so it is not possible to have an allergic reaction. They will be bonded directly to the teeth using a special dental adhesive.

This may be the squirmiest part of getting braces in, as kids will need to sit still and hold their mouths open. A tiny dot of adhesive is laid down in a precise location on each tooth. Once the first dot is laid, there’s a limited time to complete the procedure, but kids can rest before the next step.

Brackets act like handles, giving the orthodontist the ability to grab onto the teeth. They’re helpful in future follow-up appointments, where Dr. Beauchamp will adjust the braces’ wires. Getting the right amount of tension on the wires ensures teeth are gently and comfortably moved to the treated position.

4. Anchoring the Brackets

The adhesive does most of the work of anchoring the brackets, but they need a little more help.

That’s where the orthodontist comes in with a special metal band that slides right in over the molars, the big teeth situated in the back of the mouth. Once the right size is found, the band is placed using more adhesive. Then, it’s further adjusted to fit over the other teeth.

Anchoring the brackets takes a lot of practice and experience. Everyone’s mouth is different. Be sure your child knows he or she can speak up if the band doesn’t feel right. Unlike the wires of the braces, the band can’t be adjusted once it’s set. To change it, it would have to be removed and replaced.

With a properly sized and placed band, there should be no discomfort at all.

5. Adding the Wires

The wires are crucial to how braces actually work. They exert gentle pressure allowing the teeth to move while keeping the gums firm and healthy. As the teeth reposition, the wires need periodic adjustments so they’ll continue to affect the teeth just right – not too fast and not too slowly.

The wire wraps around the teeth of each dental arch, top, and bottom. It’s cut at the end so it won’t be in contact with the gums and cause irritation. The wire attaches to the tooth brackets via a rubber band.

Young patients can choose bands in their favorite color to make things that much more fun. If your child would like colored bands, talk through the decision beforehand so they don’t second-guess in the chair!

Once the wire is all set, Dr. Beauchamp will examine it and make a few final adjustments. Then, you are ready to go on to the rest of your day! Lots of kids say that it was quicker and easier than they imagined.

6. Follow-Up Care

Before you leave the office, we’ll be sure to set a follow-up appointment to check on the braces.

Appointments may be as frequent as every two weeks at the very beginning of treatment but usually, slow down to about once a month or even once a quarter later on. Often, teeth respond to treatment quickly at first, so the wires of the braces need to be adjusted more.

If you miss an appointment, that’s okay! Simply reschedule as soon as you can. But remember, if you go a long time between appointments, your results will slow down. Keep appointments whenever possible, and encourage your child to brush and floss daily.

Get Braces Kids and Adults Alike Will Love

Braces are the first step toward a strong and healthy smile. Straight teeth distribute bite force more evenly, so they’re less likely to wear down. They’re also easier to clean, helping to prevent cavities. Treatment will help kids for life – and with Dr. Beauchamp and the team, the whole process is a snap.

Contact Beauchamp Orthodontics today to set your appointment. We can’t wait to meet you!


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