A Parent’s Guide to Braces: What You and Your Kids Can Expect

Worried about braces? Worry no more!

Braces are the most common orthodontic treatment for tooth gaps and tooth misalignment. They have been in use in some form for thousands of years and have been around in their modern form for centuries. Why? Well, nothing else works as effectively or as safely as metal braces.

When your child needs orthodontic treatment, metal braces are usually what you’ll get. Of course, some kids do qualify for clear plastic aligners instead – especially mature tweens and teens who can take care of aligners and who have all or almost all their permanent teeth already. But early orthodontic treatment means kids could be done with braces in just a few months and may not even need a second phase of treatment.

Plus, braces work on even the most severe orthodontic problems. With that in mind, most families do opt for braces. At Beauchamp Orthodontics, our unique “small form factor” braces mean kids won’t have to be self-conscious. These braces are smaller and harder to see than average but have all the same benefits.

Getting Braces Is Easier Than You Might Think at Beauchamp Orthodontics

At Beauchamp Orthodontics, we’re the experts in family orthodontics in Port Orange. Most of our patients are kids, but we also work with teens, adults, and seniors. Everyone can enjoy the benefits of orthodontic treatments right in our office. It’s rarely too late for adults to get braces, either!

Our wealth of experience makes us the Port Orange orthodontist you can turn to for same-day braces. Just as the name suggests, same-day braces are placed on the same day you come in for your initial appointment. You don’t have to get an orthodontic checkup and then wait for another visit in the future.

Wondering about the process of getting braces? Here’s how it all works:

Initial Orthodontic Checkup

The process of getting braces all starts with the initial orthodontic checkup. Dr. Beauchamp will take a close look at the teeth, jaw, and soft tissues to determine what could be made healthier using orthodontic treatment. This usually takes less than half an hour. It’s followed by you getting all the answers you need right from the doctor.

Preparing the Teeth for Braces

If you decide to get braces, we can often accommodate getting started right away. First, teeth need to be thoroughly cleaned. Then a special preparation agent is placed on the teeth. It may or may not have to be “cured” briefly using a medical laser light. All of this is done so the braces will adhere correctly and work exactly as intended.

Placing the Braces

Once the teeth are fully prepared, placing the braces can take as little as fifteen minutes. However, it must be done very carefully so the fit is perfect. It’s at this stage that kids can customize their braces by choosing their braces band colors. We stock the best colors for kids and we know this helps them feel better about their braces!

Adjusting the Braces

Right after placing the braces comes the adjustment phase. The patient will let us know about the fit by answering a few quick questions. Then, any necessary adjustments are made. While having braces can feel somewhat uncomfortable for the first few days, that feeling should go away quickly. There should be no major or lasting pain or discomfort.

Braces Follow-Up

After getting braces, patients will visit for orthodontic follow-up appointments every few weeks. In general, there are more appointments at the very beginning of treatment. During these appointments, your Port Orange orthodontist will check progress and adjust the tension on the braces’ wires.

Braces Removal

Getting braces off is faster and easier than getting them on the first time. It only takes a few minutes, there is no discomfort, and you can go home right away. Of course, removing the braces only takes place when a full course of treatment has been completed. For some kids, that takes only months – or it can take a few years.

Wearing a Retainer

A retainer is an orthodontic appliance that “retains” the teeth in the treated position. Sometimes, kids who get an early start on orthodontic care won’t ever need a retainer. However, most patients will need to use retainers long-term. Many are removable, but you can also often get permanent ones for convenience.

Getting braces might seem like a big step, but it’s easy as could be – and it means that your child can look forward to straight, healthy teeth that are easier to care for and less likely to have problems, such as cavities, in the future. Schedule your consultation today to get started with us.


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