5 Reasons Why Port Orange Families Choose Beauchamp Orthodontics for Braces

When you’re looking for a local orthodontist, not just anyone will do.

The orthodontist is the expert you go to for help with tooth gaps and misalignments. Along with your dentist, a local orthodontist is an important part of the care team that helps you with teeth and gums.

Kids who get an early start on orthodontic care tend to see the fastest results of all. As a rule, children should see an orthodontist once teeth begin to erupt, and no later than seven years of age.

That first visit helps your local orthodontist pinpoint signs that your child may need braces. But just like metal braces aren’t the only form of orthodontic treatment out there, kids aren’t the only ones who can benefit from orthodontics. Adults of any age can get the smile they’ve always wanted.

That’s why the choice of a Port Orange orthodontist really affects the whole family!

Once you get started with orthodontic treatment, it’s crucial to stick with your current orthodontist and not switch. At Beauchamp Orthodontics, we want everyone to feel comfortable when they visit. Patients who look forward to their orthodontic visit are much more likely to get the most from the process!

With that in mind, we never stop working on ways to make orthodontics better for your family.

Naturally, most of our patients regardless of their age see us for metal braces. Braces are the most common orthodontic intervention of all, with a history spanning hundreds of years. Millions of people all over the world smile with confidence thanks to braces, including about four million Americans at any one time.

(Psst – that also includes about a million adults!)

Here are some of the biggest reasons our long-term patients tell us they choose us for braces:

1. Beauchamp Orthodontics Makes Orthodontic Care Fun for Kids

Kids might be visiting their first local orthodontist at just seven years old. A lot is new to them at that age, including the concept of “waiting rooms.” We know how tough it can be for kids to stay calm if it feels like they’ve been sitting around f o r e v e r. Luckily, we’re here to help!

Our team has tried a little bit of everything so each step of the process is a little bit more fun. Yes, that includes games in the waiting room – but there’s more. Dr. Beauchamp knows how to explain things in a way kids can understand without talking down to them, so they’re less likely to fret.

The fun doesn’t stop after the appointment, either. Follow us on social media and you’ll find plenty of contests, giveaways, and more. With your permission, your son or daughter could even find a special surprise in the mail on birthdays or after losing a tooth. We love to make life just a little more magical.

2. Beauchamp Orthodontics Understands Your Life Is Busy

It’s not just kids who might be a little iffy on the concept of braces. We know you have a full schedule and you don’t want to spend more time waiting than you have to. Our goal is to start each and every appointment on time so that you can get on with the rest of your day smoothly.

Whenever possible, we reduce the number of appointments you need without compromising on the quality of your care. We introduced same-day braces to Port Orange so busy families can get braces quickly: The very same day they have their initial appointment. No fuss, no muss.

If you’ve looked around at local orthodontists in Port Orange, you’ve probably seen complaints about how offices are managed. At Beauchamp Orthodontics, we are organized, professional, and punctual. Calls are returned promptly and you can also get the information you need by email or text.

3. Beauchamp Orthodontics Is Here for the Whole Family

Just like your dentist, the family orthodontist is a long-term part of optimal health.

An orthodontist who’ll stick with you through thick and thin is what’s best for your family at any age. That’s because having to switch from one Port Orange orthodontist to another introduces gaps and oversights in your care. Consistency is the key, and Dr. Beauchamp welcomes patients of all ages.

From kids getting their first orthodontic checkup ever to teens and adults who might prefer clear plastic aligners, Dr. Beauchamp’s experience means there’s nothing she can’t help you with. Even adults who’ve had an orthodontic issue for decades can still enjoy outstanding results with metal or clear braces.

Early is good, but it’s also never too late to get started with braces. While some orthodontics offices have an age cut-off one way or another, we truly welcome everybody at Beauchamp Orthodontics.

4. Beauchamp Orthodontics Uses the Latest Orthodontic Treatments and Technologies

Orthodontists are state-licensed medical doctors who have undergone thousands of hours of training over many years. We’ll admit it – Dr. Beauchamp is terrific, but the average orthodontist is no slouch.

What makes the difference between a “good” orthodontist and a great one is the commitment to get better and better even after starting a practice. That’s why Dr. Beauchamp has worked hard to launch new treatment options that help kids, teens, and adults get healthier smiles for life.

Dr. Beauchamp is one of the only orthodontists in Port Orange and the surrounding area who can offer both Invisalign® and Spark™ Clear Aligners. With Invisalign®, the process of scanning your teeth to create digital images for the perfect fit takes only five minutes. Wow!

Our dedication to continuous improvement helps ensure you have all the options you could want.

5. Beauchamp Orthodontics Wants to Help You Afford the Orthodontic Care You Need

When it comes to orthodontic care, there’s one boogeyman that makes even adults nervous:

The cost!

Let’s face it: It’s never the best idea to put off the medical care you need. At Beauchamp Orthodontics, we believe in helping you access orthodontic treatment at a price you can smile about. No more saving up for months to get the beautiful, healthy smile you deserve.

Often, there are many different orthodontic options that will get you where you want to go, and we’ll always keep your budget in mind. For those who want to take the next step without delay, we offer in-house, zero-interest financing. We also accept a wide variety of insurance.

If you have dental insurance, odds are good you also have orthodontic coverage. Contact our office to understand how your benefits affect the cost of care. If you decide to go forward, we will even help you by completing the necessary paperwork for you.

You’ll See the Difference When You Choose Beauchamp Orthodontics in Port Orange

We know not everyone gets excited at the prospect of getting braces. That’s okay! Beauchamp Orthodontics is dedicated to making it easier for everyone. Young or old, new to orthodontics or experienced, there’s something here for you – we strive to be your local orthodontist of choice.

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