3 Ways Dr. Marielle Beauchamp Creates a Welcoming Environment For Kids

There can be a big difference between a regular orthodontist and a family orthodontist.

A Port Orange orthodontist might see patients of all ages, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the office is set up for kids’ comfort. And since it’s so important for children to get an early start with orthodontic care, it helps when the orthodontist is someone children feel they can trust.

A bad experience at the orthodontist or dentist can have repercussions that go on for years. Millions of people have dental anxiety, for example, and it influences whether they get check-ups and catch problems while they are still easy to treat. We understand that it’s crucial for children to feel welcome and safe at the orthodontist.

That’s why we set out to become the Port Orange orthodontist kids actually look forward to coming to see.

That might seem to be a big claim. But it’s a lot easier than it looks when you have the experience and training of Dr. Marielle Beauchamp. Dr. Beauchamp has always been skilled at explaining treatments so that anyone can understand them, without feeling like they’re being talked down to. That’s true for kids, too!

As a Port Orange orthodontist for kids and adults alike, we’ve gone the extra mile to create an atmosphere that will work for everybody. But how? Let’s take a look at three of the biggest ways we’ve made our office one of Central Florida’s best orthodontists for kids:

1. Quick Orthodontic Treatments and Same-Day Braces

Here’s something the whole family can love: Same-day braces you can get during your first appointment.

We know your time is valuable and your schedule might be packed. That’s why we do things differently from the average Port Orange orthodontist. Normally, after you get your initial consultation, you have to schedule a separate appointment for braces. With us, you can do it all on the same day.

If you fill out your new patient paperwork ahead of time, you can get done even faster.

We will work with you to make sure same-day braces fall within your schedule. The whole process can often be done after school. The braces are the same material and quality that your young one would get during any other appointment – typically, that means our convenient “small form factor” metal braces.

These metal braces are the best option for kids since they can treat even the most challenging orthodontic issues. With the right metal braces in place, kids can see much faster results. The youngest patients may even be done with their treatment in months rather than years.

That’s just another way you can save time with us!

Plus, our metal braces are a little bit special. First of all, they’re smaller than average metal braces – so even a self-conscious kid will have an easier time. Second, children can even select brace bands in their favorite color.

What about follow-up appointments? After getting braces, every patient needs a follow-up every now and then. During these appointments, you get your braces adjusted so they are always putting the right amount of gentle pressure on the teeth.

Follow-up appointments are usually much faster than the initial appointment, so they’re a breeze for you and your family. Dr. Beauchamp will check on the progress of orthodontic treatment and answer any questions. If you need anything between orthodontic appointments, you can always give us a call or email.

Naturally, another way to save time is in the long run. When you pick us, you have access to options for orthodontic financing. That means you can get started right away and won’t have to wait for care. You may end up saving years of time by taking action now, and enjoy the benefits of treatment for years to come.

2. Great Communication and Demeanor with Young Patients

The better kids understand what’s going on and what to expect from orthodontic treatment, the easier it is for them to relax. Kids know when adults don’t take them seriously, and that makes it harder for them to feel like an experience is going to be good for them. Luckily, we have just the answer.

After seeing hundreds of families with kids ranging in age from just a few years through to the teens, we know a thing or two about helping kids get the big picture with their orthodontic treatment. We explain at their level and tailor discussions to their interests and questions.

There’s nothing worse than trying to get a young child to go back to a “scary” doctor, whether that’s a dentist, an orthodontist, or anyone else. By paying plenty of attention to kids, we want to make your life easier as their guardian. Ideally, kids should be excited when they come to see their favorite Port Orange orthodontist.

Is your child old enough to visit websites or use social media? If so, and with your permission, they can go online to hear more from Dr. Beauchamp. We use video and other fun multimedia to make orthodontics an adventure kids will actually be interested in going on – and that makes it more successful for everybody.

3. Fun Office with Video Games and More

Even most adults don’t like waiting rooms. For a kid, sitting in a waiting room can feel like an eternity.

An orthodontist’s waiting room might not be the place where you want to spend a vacation, but it can still hold your little one’s attention. After all, they won’t be there too long thanks to our quick service. But even a longer wait will be pleasant thanks to the bevy of surprises we’ve come up with for kids.

Our waiting room includes some of the best age-appropriate video games for solo or cooperative play, so your kids can make new friends while they wait for their turn to see Dr. Beauchamp. We also have plenty of creative waiting room decorations with themes that change throughout the year.

If you choose, your child can participate in raffles, giveaways, and office events. That could even include a special surprise on your child’s birthday. It’s optional, of course, but helps kids to know that their #1 Port Orange orthodontist is always looking out for them.

Choose the Top-Rated Family Orthodontist in Port Orange for All Your Needs

We understand just how tough it can be to find an orthodontist the whole family will love. That’s why we decided to make it easier by creating a practice that will always be there for you and your family. Our reviews show that families just like yours have made Beauchamp Orthodontics their home for braces and more.

Even if you’ve never been to an orthodontist before, getting started is a snap. We welcome you to a free, no-obligation consultation so you can make informed choices about orthodontic care. Let us show you just how easy Central Florida orthodontic treatment can be.

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