3 Questions You Should Ask When Looking for a Port Orange Orthodontist

Looking for a local orthodontist? It’s important to have a Port Orange orthodontist every member of the family can count on. At Beauchamp Orthodontics, we’re always glad to welcome you, no matter if you’re an old friend or visiting us for the first time.

While it’s a great idea for the little ones to see an orthodontist early, patients of any age benefit from a customized orthodontic plan of care – yes, adults, that includes you! Even if you didn’t have a chance to get orthodontic issues treated as a kid or teen, Beauchamp Orthodontics is here for you.

Of course, we know there are lots of orthodontists in Port Orange you could choose from.

What exactly makes one the best local orthodontist for you? We want to help you reach an informed decision you’ll be happy with, no matter if you choose us or somebody else. So, here are some of the most valuable questions you can ask to make the right choice for your family.

1. “Are you board certified?”

Every orthodontist holds a doctoral degree. In fact, all doctors – dental or otherwise – start their training with the same medical curriculum. After the first two years of studying the body, each one starts to zoom in on an area of specialization. Everybody is ready to see patients after about four years.

But that doesn’t mean you’ve learned everything you possibly can. Not by a long shot!

Only a handful go on to the advanced training necessary to be board certified.

A board-certified doctor is someone who has done intensive study above and beyond what’s actually necessary to practice. To achieve certification, they need to pass one of the most difficult exams that any profession has to offer. (It’s similar to a lawyer passing their notorious bar exam, for instance.)

Once the written portion is taken care of, the candidate then undergoes a clinical period of practice where they demonstrate their skills. Once again, the standards are extremely high and opportunities to re-take are limited. After passing, there are stringent continuing education requirements, too.

As challenging as all this is, Dr. Beauchamp says it’s worth it – feeling truly confident that you offer the highest quality of care to patients is its own reward. So, we suggest always checking out whether a local orthodontist is board certified. If not, consider looking elsewhere.

2. “Do you make things fun for families?”

Quality care is essential, but it’s not the only factor that makes one local orthodontist the best for you.

If you’ve got kids, you know taking them to the orthodontist or dentist isn’t necessarily fun. It can be boring for them to sit in the average waiting room, waiting for their turn. And if an orthodontist isn’t good with children, they can be boring, too – or might even make the experience scary.

At Beauchamp Orthodontics, everything is meant to be fun and easy.

For example, we’re known for our games, prizes, and giveaways both on social media and in the office. Dr. Beauchamp is the best when it comes to explaining things in a way kids understand without talking down to them. The more your kids trust your local orthodontist, the better it is for everyone.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. It extends to adults, too.

We know you have a busy schedule. We’ve put together services like same-day braces to make life easier. Our billing policies are simple and straightforward, and our office staff will go the extra mile when you need help. Our team wants you to walk away with a smile!

3. “Do you offer a full range of orthodontic treatments for all ages?”

Metal braces are reliable, but there are other options.

Adults and image-conscious teens might want to look for something a little bit more discreet. With Dr. Beauchamp, you have the opportunity to get Invisalign® clear plastic aligners from a local orthodontist who was among the first to offer them here in Port Orange.

Invisalign® is the “clear alternative” to conventional braces, coming in the form of plastic aligners you can remove at any time. Each aligner is custom-made to fit you, typically using detailed digital images of your teeth. This helps accelerate the treatment process and ensure the best possible results.

In your initial consultation, Dr. Beauchamp will evaluate your needs and discuss the options that can help you reach your treatment goals. You’ll never be pressured, and the final decision is always up to you.

Schedule your consultation today to visit the friendly orthodontist who combines quality care with family fun!


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