What Does Comprehensive Orthodontic Care Include?

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that treats misalignment of the teeth and even the jaw.

Problems with misaligned teeth start as early as seven years old. That’s why the American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children visit an orthodontist for the first time around that age.

While most kids won’t need orthodontic treatment right away, they might benefit from the first part of two-phase treatment. Orthodontic treatment at an early age can help kids gain confidence with a straight, beautiful smile. However, many adults don’t also realize how important orthodontics is for long-term dental health!

If you’re not so young anymore and never got orthodontic treatment, it’s understandable you might wonder what all the hubbub is about. But having straight teeth isn’t just an aesthetic issue. In fact, it helps your teeth stay strong and healthy over time. It all has to do with the way your mouth works.

Orthodontic Treatment Has A Positive Effect On Your Entire Mouth And All Your Teeth

With every meal you eat, you may chew dozens of times.

But did you ever think about exactly how much force is in play when you chew?

It’s an astonishing amount – around 70 pounds per square inch in the back molars. Human bite force can also be measured in Newtons, an absolute unit of force used by scientists. On this scale, humans rack up a powerful 1,300 Newtons per bite. That’s more than the orangutan or gibbon, but less than the gorilla or chimp.

Chewing is something we do every day, so it might not seem like it’s that much of a big deal. But whenever your teeth are misaligned, your bite force is misapplied, too. This can cause some teeth to wear out faster than they would otherwise. Over the course of decades, it really makes a difference!

And that’s especially true if you chew food as much as research suggests.

Sure – mechanically speaking, mildly misaligned teeth might have little or no effect on a child or a young teen.

But it’s a wise idea to get orthodontic treatment as early as possible when it comes to life-long dental health.

Orthodontic treatment helps ensure that teeth stand up to the pressures of life more effectively. The even distribution of bite force makes cracks and chips in teeth less likely. Teeth that have been straightened will not develop at radical angles that lessen the gums’ ability to hold them in.

While orthodontic treatment often starts at a young age, even adults who have never been treated before can see results. Traditional metal braces, clear Invisalign, and other options are available that can make a positive difference at any age. The key is making sure each patient gets the best option!

Orthodontic treatment also makes it easier to keep your teeth clean, fending off dental plaque, and preventing cavities. Extremely overcrowded teeth – the kind that benefit the most from metal braces – can be hard to brush if they sit at unusual angles. They can also be so close together that flossing is difficult or impossible.

Modern orthodontics is all about finding the best way to treat problems like these effectively, delivering lasting results. And, all in all, most patients will require what’s known as comprehensive orthodontic care.

Comprehensive Orthodontic Care: How Teeth Get And Stay Straight And Healthy

When people talk about comprehensive orthodontic care, they’re referring to braces that support healthy alignment for all the teeth. By correcting alignment, bite, and gap issues in all top and bottom teeth, you are also supporting better health for all the structures in the mouth.

No matter if the patient is a kid, teen, or adult, braces are more than just one quick visit to the orthodontist. It takes months for braces to work their magic. During that time, it’s vital to have follow-up visits with your orthodontist to make sure you’re getting the results you want.

Results are usually visible in the mirror, too!

Comprehensive orthodontic care includes all the following:

  • Idealizing the bite and smile
  • Alignment of all the teeth
  • Improving soft-tissue appearance
  • Ensuring long-term treatment results

To make all that work as well and as quickly as possible, your orthodontist needs to monitor your progress. It may be necessary to make small adjustments to the braces over time. Braces are usually fitted according to detailed digital images of your mouth. This guarantees a great fit but might require tweaks as your mouth changes.

Luckily, these are all good signs. They mean that your teeth are naturally and safely repositioning.

So, what exactly is the alternative to comprehensive orthodontic care?

You might hear comprehensive orthodontic treatment compared to limited orthodontic treatment.

In limited orthodontic treatment, care focuses on only a single tooth or a single group of teeth. This doesn’t work for most people, since it’s very rare to have orthodontic problems that are confined to just a few teeth. Usually, the entire mouth needs to be treated as a system to get the best results possible.

When only one or a few consecutive teeth need to be straightened, you don’t always need a full set of braces to do it. Instead, a special dental appliance can be created to help only those teeth. This is rare because full sets of teeth are more likely to grow in misalignment than partial ones, although, accidents can cause partial misalignment.

No Matter What Kind Of Orthodontic Treatment You Need, It Starts With An Orthodontist You Trust

Kids aren’t always excited to go to the orthodontist for the first time. Getting them there is a team effort!

At Beauchamp Orthodontics, our staff goes the extra mile to make orthodontic treatment fun and easy. Kids and teens love our family-friendly atmosphere. While adults love how easy it is to make informed decisions about orthodontic care and get the treatment that’s best for each individual.

We believe that everyone deserves a beautiful smile!

Every patient is different, but most kids and teens who need comprehensive orthodontic care will have braces for a year or more. With follow-up appointments and time in the chair to look forward to, it’s essential that they have a pleasant experience – not one they find stressful or upsetting.

Visit Beauchamp Orthodontics and you’ll get world-class family orthodontic care:

  • Our friendly staff is dedicated to taking care of you and your family every step of the way
  • Dr. Beauchamp and her team know how to relate to kids and explain things on their level
  • Our office has been carefully designed to offer a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere for all
  • With easy patient financing and expert help with your insurance, you’ll never have to stress

Getting kids started on a life-long journey to healthy teeth is important. At Beauchamp Orthodontics, we are your partners every step of the way. Visit us for an initial consultation and you’re sure to see the difference. No other Port Orange orthodontist makes orthodontic treatment this easy.

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