What Can The Easter Bunny Bring Kids With Braces?

Hey parents! It’s your good friend the Easter Bunny here!

Once spring has sprung, I visit kids like yours every year.

But this time, I want to talk directly to you! Yes, you!

I know your favorite kiddo has been to the orthodontist and has braces now. That’s a good thing! It means a bright smile and a happy future. After all, teeth that are nice and straight are so much easier to clean! And I know a thing or two about teeth – just check out these chompers!

So, if you’re wondering what kids with braces can have for Easter, I’m here to help.

Yes, some foods are off-limits with braces, including some candy favorites. But don’t fret! You still have a huge selection to choose from. In fact, most of the very best Easter candies are still okay for little ones to enjoy with braces. I hope that will put a smile on YOUR face!

Let’s talk about the many ways kids with braces can still enjoy Easter this year:


Okay, folks, let’s start with the “bad” news. It’s not as rough as it looks! Kids with braces need to avoid some of the most iconic Easter candies, but not all of them. You need to skip jelly beans, nuts, and gum. Why? Well, it all comes down to how these candies in particular can affect your kids’ braces.

Jelly beans are one of the stickiest treats there is, and they can be super tough to get out of braces. Likewise, they could even get stuck underneath the wires of a child’s braces and lead to tooth decay. Luckily, not all kids like jelly beans, so they might not even notice – but if they do, the best thing is to explain!

Nuts are even worse. They’re bad for braces for all the same reasons, but they take it a step further. If a kid just so happens to bite down on them the wrong way, well, they could actually burst into shards that get all over the braces. They might even lodge under the braces and cause damage your local orthodontist needs to fix.


You definitely don’t want that, so be sure nuts stay out of the Easter basket while your little one has braces.

And last but not least is gum! Gum can cause all the same problems as jelly beans and a few more besides. If kids chew lots of gum while they have braces, it can eventually weaken them and bend them out of shape. A good rule of thumb is to avoid gum during orthodontic treatment!

So what Easter candies can kids with braces have? Lots of other picks such as my very own favorite, chocolate bunnies! Plus Peeps bunnies and Chicks marshmallow treats – just be sure they brush afterward so their teeth stay nice and shiny. Reese’s eggs and just about any soft baked treats are also good to go!

Little Treasures

Easter isn’t just about candy, of course! You also have plenty of options for fun toys and other things that can last longer – maybe even all year round. You know your kids best, so any small toy or trinket you know they would like – think $5 or less could also be a great surprise from the Easter Bunny!

Things like small toys, fun socks, cute hair accessories, nail polish, fake tattoos, books, coins, or even a little bit of money hidden in a fun plastic egg work great. Remember when gumball machines used to have little toys in them? Or even cereal boxes? The Easter Bunny remembers – and that’s just right for the inspiration you need!

Eggstra” Options

What happens when you have an older kid who might need a little more “pizzazz” from their Easter Bunny? Well, you can give them a fun and exciting surprise, too. Think more of what you might pick for a birthday gift. But there’s no need to go overboard. One or two items are plenty!

For those discerning “elders” (say 13 and up), consider ideas like clothes, video games, gift cards, or tickets for an event or theme park. This can get them excited for Easter, even if they usually think of it as “kid stuff.”

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