Teens and Braces: Top Factors to Share to Calm Their Nerves

Anyone can be a touch nervous when it’s time to get their braces put on.

Don’t worry, parents – it’s not out of the ordinary for your teen or tween to fret.

Even adults might be concerned, especially if this is the first orthodontic procedure they’ve ever undergone. No matter who you are, your feelings are valid!

Of course, kids and teens do need a little bit more support during the process (even if some teens might not want to let on about what they’re really thinking.)

When you come to Beauchamp Orthodontics for your family’s orthodontic treatment, you’re not alone. Dr. Beauchamp has spent years learning the best ways to help younger patients feel better about their braces. And you’ve got an important role to play in that process, too.

Especially if you’re going for same-day braces, your child might not have built up a rapport with Dr. Beauchamp just yet. But when you take time to hear what’s on their mind and help give them the facts, you can lay their fears to rest.

The better they feel before and during the procedure, the easier it will be for everyone.

Setting Kids’ and Teens’ Minds at Ease When It Comes to Braces

Sometimes, teens might feel like they’re the only ones who really “get” what’s going on with them. Luckily, tens of thousands of people get braces every year. At any given time, about four million Americans use braces for their orthodontic treatment. That means your young one truly isn’t alone.

Here’s something for you, as the parent, to keep under your hat: A year or two of using braces might seem like forever to lots of kids, but the time will fly by. Plus, your friendly Port Orange orthodontist can remove the braces at any time if that’s what you decide to do.

While it is a bit of fuss to remove braces once applied, it sometimes helps teens to know the family can decide to end treatment if it impacts their life in a negative way. But the truth is, that almost never happens. After two weeks, 99% of patients are totally used to their braces and excited about their results.

As long as you get through those few weeks, everything will be fine.

And that starts by understanding the concerns your child might have and being prepared for them.

Luckily, there are a few common questions that frequently come up with teens and tweens. If you know about these in advance, you go a long way to showing teens you understand where they’re coming from. You don’t have to convince them to love having braces, just help them see clearly to give it their best try.

Helpful Things to Emphasize for Your Teen Before Getting Braces

When all is said and done, most teens who worry about braces know that it’s safe and comfortable. They are most worried about their image and popularity. It might be hard for parents to remember what this was like, but it’s really important at that age – and it’s best to engage with those issues using a respectful tone.

Luckily, there are lots of ways to acknowledge the issue while also showing that it won’t be so bad.

Over the last decade, orthodontic treatment has come a long way. While braces have been used successfully for more than a century across millions of cases worldwide, today’s metal braces look nothing like they used to.

It’s easier than ever to choose a form of orthodontic care that’s subtle and discreet!

Most teens don’t know this when they first visit a Port Orange orthodontist. Just by being introduced to the way braces look today, they could feel better in a flash. But it’s also okay to breach the subject and start helping them days or even a few weeks before you actually come to Dr. Beauchamp.

Let’s look at some of the top factors you can share to calm their nerves:

1. Even Today’s Metal Braces Are Smaller than Ever Before

Metal braces are the most common and most reliable of the different options. But even today’s metal braces are very different from what was used in the past. Beauchamp Orthodontics uses “small form factor” metal braces. These are just as effective in orthodontic treatment, but much more compact.

Teens often worry their peers will be looking at their braces whenever they open their mouths. The truth is, they might not even notice modern metal braces. Yes, there are a few things to bear in mind, such as avoiding sticky foods that can get stuck in the braces, but it is easy to adapt.

2. Clear Braces Are Just as Effective as Metal Braces

What if metal braces just won’t fly with your teen? We understand. Metal braces are used in the most serious orthodontic cases because they can treat just about any problem, no matter how severe. But clear braces are structured almost exactly like metal braces are and are much harder to spot.

Clear braces are about the same size and shape as metal braces, but they are mostly made out of clear plastic material. This material is easy to clean and safe for the patient’s teeth and gums. You get all of the helpful advantages of metal braces in a form that’s even harder for anyone else to notice, though you can still see them in the mirror.

3. Teens Aged 18 and Up May Qualify for Invisalign® Clear Plastic Aligners

Invisalign® is the “clear alternative” to ordinary braces. Made of high-tech plastic rigorously tested for safety and effectiveness, it is the most low-key option in the world of orthodontic treatment. Often, only your orthodontist knows you’re wearing Invisalign® – and we’re not telling anybody!

Invisalign® is easy for responsible teens to take care of because they can remove their plastic aligners at any time to clean them or eat foods they would have to avoid with braces. Teen athletes love Invisalign® since they can take them out during the big game and use an athletic mouthguard more effectively.

4. You Can Personalize Your Metal Braces

Dr. Beauchamp learned early on that adding a splash of fun makes orthodontic care that much easier. Teens and tweens alike enjoy their braces more when they customize them. We offer the option of using colored bands. Kids’ favorite colors are available, so they can feel like their braces truly represent them. Sometimes, making braces inviting for teens is that simple!

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Get Braces for Your Teen

The sooner your teen gets started, the faster they will see results from braces. Younger patients may be done with their orthodontic treatment in as little as a few months, compared to multiple years for those in their twenties, thirties, and beyond. That alone can put a smile on both of your faces, and we are here to help.

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