Invisalign Improves Your Lifestyle During Orthodontic Treatment

There are many people who would like to correct their tooth misalignment problems but don’t like the idea of wearing metal braces. Although traditional braces can certainly get the job done and are necessary in some situations, the fact is, there is another way to correct dental malocclusions without braces.

It’s called Invisalign. What is Invisalign, you might ask? Invisalign is the latest system for moving teeth back into their proper position minus the metal brackets and wires. Instead, a series of removable acrylic aligner trays are used, and the end results can be equivalent to that obtained through braces.

There’s no doubt that Invisalign treatment works, but the real significant improvement it offers is in the process. There are many ways that this type of treatment enables you to continue your normal lifestyle during realignment – where metal braces would not permit it.

1. Invisalign Treatment Takes Up Less of Your Precious Time

The first thing to mention is that Invisalign treatment is less time-consuming, overall, than using metal braces. You can have the complete set of plastic aligner trays manufactured in the dental lab on day one. Thereafter, you simply discard the old one and start wearing the new one about every two weeks until your teeth are where they should be.

The Invisalign trays work by gently nudging your teeth in the desired direction over a period of time, until they are in position for the next “round” and the next set (upper and lower) of trays.

You need fewer orthodontic appointments during treatment with Invisalign as compared to braces. And, usually, you will be finished with treatment sooner as well.

2. Invisalign Trays Do Not Interfere With Your Smile

As the name Invis-align implies, this is a system that is virtually “invisible” on your teeth. That is, the trays are fully transparent and won’t normally be noticed by others when you smile.

There is no doubt that this “invisibility factor” is one of the main reasons that so many are choosing Invisalign today. Aligner trays are especially, though not exclusively, popular with teenagers and young adults.

Additionally, Invisalign will not leave any marks on your teeth like metal brackets can. 

3. You Can Eat & Drink Almost Anything You Want!

With Invisalign, you can say goodbye to the dietary restrictions associated with wearing braces. That’s right. You can continue to eat what you want during treatment.

How? You simply remove the aligner trays before meals or snacks and then place them back on right afterward.

You have to brush and floss between eating and putting the aligners back on, but that’s a small sacrifice compared to going months or years without being able to eat your favorite foods.

4. Sports, Exercise, and Physical Activities May Continue

For the most part, you can continue with all of your usual physical activities during the treatment when you wear Invisalign trays.

It’s pretty risky to play contact sports while wearing metal braces – in fact, you should not risk doing it! If the wires are knocked around, they could cut the inside of your mouth. Or the brackets might be knocked loose. Many strenuous activities are just too high-risk with braces.

But there’s no reason why you can’t do aerobic workouts, play sports, or hold down a physically demanding job while wearing Invisalign trays.

5. The Discomforts of Metal Braces Are Avoided

It’s much more comfortable to wear Invisalign than metal in your mouth. Many have experienced pinching or rubbing of metal brackets or wires against their tongue, gums, or inner cheeks. You can get used to them, but it can be a real challenge.

Also, you will experience dryer lips due to the effect of the lips stretching over metal. That means people wearing metal braces often have to use a lot of lip balm.

None of these, and other, discomforts associated with braces are true with Invisalign. Wearing the trays may feel slightly unusual at first, but you soon get used to it. And you certainly don’t have the kind of “mouth comfort” issues that can often arise with braces.

6. Caring for Teeth & Orthodontic Appliances Is Easier With Invisalign

Finally, ordinary dental care is complicated quite a bit when you wear braces. You may need special tools to clean between teeth and brackets, around wires, and in hard to reach places.

Even then, you need relatively frequent dental cleanings when you have the wires tightened because you can’t get everything that might get stuck under the brackets.

With Invisalign, you simply remove the trays and follow your normal dental hygiene routine. Then you rinse the trays out with water and put them back on. It’s as simple as that!

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