How Beauchamp Orthodontics Makes Braces Fun For Children

“Braces? Yuck!”

We admit it – sometimes, braces have a bad rep.

Metal braces help kids get strong, healthy teeth and a smile they can feel confident about. In many cases, kids can see complete results from braces much faster than adults would. Each case is different, but it could mean having them for just a few months versus a year or more for an adult.

Many kids don’t mind braces at all. And once they’ve gone through the process here at Beauchamp Orthodontics, they see just how easy it can be. As a premier Port Orange orthodontist, we’ve created a fun, family-friendly environment that leads to an easier time for everybody.

And yes, it can even be fun.

Millions of adults suffer from dental anxiety, so it’s crucial kids have experiences that leave a good impression. No other Port Orange orthodontist has planned everything, from the waiting room to the in-chair experience, so kids will actually look forward to their follow-up appointments.

This is especially important when it comes to getting braces in Port Orange!

Most of the time, getting braces is the biggest medical procedure a kid has ever had. It’s normal to be nervous. They might act out, even when they are normally well-behaved. And even the least image-conscious kid wants to know that braces will look good and be easy to clean.

To help, we’ve pioneered braces with a smaller form factor that are just as effective.

But that’s not the only thing that kids enjoy about Beauchamp Orthodontics.
Not by a long shot!

If You Don’t Think Orthodontics Can Be Fun, You Haven’t Been to Beauchamp Orthodontics

Kids know what kids want, so we started by going to the source and asking them.

Talking to kids on their level is one of the secrets to our success. Dr. Marielle Beauchamp is an expert when it comes to explaining procedures in the terms kids understand, without jargon and without talking down to them. You’ll see the difference with our whole team.

As we welcomed more patients and tried more things, we learned what events and activities help most kids put the jitters aside. By giving them different things to look forward to – and also making use of some creative distractions now and then – we help them get through their appointment easier.

Here are some of the ways we’ve made orthodontics more interesting for kids:

Colored Bands to Personalize Braces and Make Them More Distinctive

In the old days, most metal braces used neutral-colored bands. A lot of the time, they looked like you had an ordinary rubber band from the classroom supply drawer in your mouth. Yes, they work, but a lot of the kids we asked said they wanted more style. We’re happy to help them.

A pinch of panache can be enough to turn braces from something a kid might avoid to an accessory they can’t wait to show off. Not only do we have smaller, more streamlined braces that are just as effective as full-sized ones, we also provide them in a full assortment of band colors.

Red, blue, yellow, pink, purple, green … all the colors of the rainbow and more.

Remember, when you make Beauchamp your Port Orange orthodontist, you can get braces done all in one day. That’s true for kids, teens, and even adults. When you’re sporting cool new braces that are stylish, fast, and effective, everyone has something to smile about.

Spinning the Prize Wheel After Their Time in the Chair

Often, it’s a wise idea to get kids thinking about what they do want, not what they don’t want.

Even kids who know that going to the orthodontist is no big deal sometimes get a little nervous once they’re actually in the chair. After all, their imagination is powerful. Fighting against it often doesn’t help. Instead, we can shift all that energy in a more positive direction.

Enter the Prize Wheel.

The Prize Wheel is something to look forward to after a procedure is over, so it redirects kids’ attention. And you never know what you might win, so that gives them the chance to unleash their imagination.

Naturally, the prizes available are all family-friendly. You won’t have to worry about kids taking home an expensive new gadget, strobe light, or noise-maker. But we do go the extra mile looking for cool and unexpected prizes that can give kids a positive reminder of their experience.

That means when they need a follow-up, they will feel much better about coming back.

(And yes, they get to spin the Prize Wheel again.)

Giveaways and Contests – Now and in the Future

Check our social media and you’ll find that we love a good contest.

Trivia, guessing games, and more are always going on around the Beauchamp Orthodontics office. In many cases, your family can participate online between visits. But some of our biggest and best prize giveaways have been held as holiday and seasonal events.

Kids can feel like it’s their lucky day when they visit only to learn they’re the day’s big winner. If we have an event going on, we’ll be sure to let you know so you can prepare, set expectations, or even opt-out.  Everyone is welcome to participate – mom, dad, brother, sister, and beyond.

After all, we’re the Port Orange orthodontist for everyone. So, it only makes sense that everyone should have a chance to get in on the fun. Going to the orthodontist can be so much more than another check on the to-do list. It can be part of the family bonding that’s so important in keeping relationships strong.

Video Games in the Office

When in doubt, call on Super Mario and friends.

Yes, a lot of things have changed when it comes to video games. If you grew up with the wholesome turtle-stomping, mushroom-grabbing games of yore, you might wonder what happened. But there are plenty of family-oriented games still around, and a lot of them include familiar faces.

We like to think of Beauchamp Orthodontics as the most video game-friendly Port Orange orthodontist.

We stock a small but mighty selection of some of the most enjoyable hand-held and console games around. It’s not like going to the arcade – you won’t need to worry about your kids wanting to go to the orthodontist too much – but it’s enough to provide a gleeful diversion before or after treatment.

No more fretting about kids getting antsy in the waiting room!

Beauchamp Orthodontics Is the Port Orange Orthodontist Kids Will Actually Look Forward To

Kids and teens have a million things they’d rather spend a Saturday on than going to the orthodontist.

With Beauchamp Orthodontics, they might actually remind you about their upcoming appointment.

We can’t bring you Captain America or Iron Man, but we can help you feel like a superhero when you choose a Port Orange orthodontist your kids will love. We invite you to visit us and see the difference.

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