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Many people have a regular general dentist but may need a dental specialist like an orthodontist. Not everyone is naturally blessed with perfectly straight teeth, but a local Port Orange Orthodontist can help you achieve and maintain a perfect smile!

It is common for children and teenagers especially to suffer from tooth misalignment problems. They may be conscientious or even embarrassed about the way their teeth look, but your kids don’t have to ‘just live with it.’ An orthodontist can help.

Why Might I Need A Regular Orthodontist?

Millions of children in the US are born with some form of malocclusion (meaning “dental misalignment”), and many other people develop tooth alignment problems at some point during life.

It could be from genetics, thumb-sucking, biting bottle caps, chewing on pencils, or a host of other causes – but misaligned teeth are a serious matter. Common types of tooth alignment problems include:

  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Overcrowding
  • Spacing
  • Crooked teeth
  • Protruding teeth
  • Misaligned jawbone

When your teeth are not properly aligned, it affects your bite, which in turn can impact how you speak, chew food, and brush your teeth. It is more difficult to clean misaligned teeth, which is why kids with malocclusions tend to have more cavities. Gum disease too can develop when teeth are out of place and it’s difficult to clean between and around them.

Additionally, a “bad bite” can lead to teeth clenching or grinding and worn-down tooth enamel. A tooth-grinding habit can then lead to headaches and sleeping disorders – and may need special attention in its own right.

The poor aesthetic of a crooked smile often causes people with misaligned teeth to seldom smile. This is the most easily noticeable impact of malocclusions, but as we have seen, there are many more impacts to be concerned about aside from aesthetics.

Anyone who has a known tooth misalignment issue or suspects they may have one should set an appointment with a local orthodontist. If you’ve never seen an orthodontist, you should get a check-up just to be safe. If you may have TMJ (temporomandibular joint dysfunction) or other lower jaw problems, an orthodontist can help with that too.

When should kids first see an orthodontist? Age seven or earlier is recommended, although most parents bring their kids in when they are between age 9 and 14. The earlier the better since it’s easier to correct orthodontic problems when caught early.

How Can Tooth Misalignments Be Corrected?

If you or your child indeed has one or more tooth alignment problems, then some form of treatment will be prescribed. The most common form of treatment is traditional metal braces

Braces work by a system of metal wires that gradually move teeth into position over a period of, usually, one to three years. And you will need to make periodic orthodontic appointments to have your braces adjusted.

For those who don’t want to have to wear metal in their mouth or who want to have the freedom to eat and drink what they like during treatment, Invisalign clear aligners are an alternative to metal braces. They offer many distinct advantages and conveniences over other orthodontic treatment methods and work for most misalignment cases.

Finally, there are some other ways in which orthodontists work to correct tooth misalignments. Some children may need to wear expanders as a preliminary to treatment with metal braces later on. Orthodontic “headgear” may be needed to make braces work more effectively in certain instances. And your orthodontist, of course, will give you oral health tips you can use during treatment (and for life) to maintain a healthy smile.

How Do I Find The Best Port Orange Orthodontist?

Once you understand what an orthodontist is and how orthodontic care can help, the next step is to find a local orthodontist that you and your whole family can rely on for years to come.

A convenient location near your home or place of work is certainly key. Also, be sure you choose an orthodontist with a wide array of services, full educational credentials, a sterling local reputation, and an up-to-date office with a friendly, helpful staff.

Doing online research, reading reviews from past or present customers, and visiting the office in person should all be a part of your search. Affordability and convenience will certainly factor into your final decision, but always put the main emphasis on the availability and quality of necessary orthodontic care.

To learn more about how having a regular orthodontist can be a benefit to you and your family, or to schedule an initial orthodontic appointment or interview with a Port Orange orthodontist you can trust, contact Beauchamp Orthodontics today!

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