Child Enrolled In Winter Sports? Why Braces Won’t Hold Them Back This Season

Kids who play sports are often a little bit worried about braces.

They wonder whether braces will get in their way as they enjoy their favorite pastime.

Not surprisingly, adults have some questions, too. Do braces make a sports accident more likely? Will an accident be worse if it happens to a kid with braces?

Luckily, the answers will go a long way to helping everyone feel better.

Young Athletes Are Free to Hit the Field with Their New Braces

No matter what sports your kids love, they can still play them normally with braces!

In fact, kids can even continue to use mouthguards for sports safely while they are wearing braces. This is very important in a wide variety of sports, because it protects the mouth from falls and accidental hits.

Since there’s no need to give up on this key piece of protection, a player with braces is just as safe as a player without them. Of course, it’s crucial to make sure kids follow all the safety rules, as well as the instructions they get from their coaches and team captains.

When a child with braces is getting ready to play, always be sure that the right mouthguards are available. It may be necessary to size up slightly to accommodate the braces. Nonetheless, once the proper fit is achieved, any impact will be absorbed by the mouthguard.

Accidents can still happen, but children with braces are just as well-protected as their peers.

Are There Any Restrictions in Playing Sports When it Comes to Braces?

For most kids, there won’t be any restrictions for playing sports with braces.

There’s one little exception. If the braces are brand new – less than two weeks old – it is a good idea to wait before engaging in any intense sports. This is just so you can be sure the fit of the braces is really correct and that they’re comfortable at all times.

Each mouth is unique, so it’s sometimes necessary to adjust the fit of brand new braces before they will be perfect. If the fit isn’t right yet, then strenuous activity could contribute to irritation of the gums. This isn’t likely to be more than a bother, but it is something to be aware of.

After that brief adjustment period, most kids will have brace anywhere from about eight months to a bit over a full year. The exact amount of time depends on the specific orthodontic issue they have. The sooner treatment begins, the better.

Throughout this time, they will periodically see their Port Orange orthodontist.

There’s usually nothing they need to do differently as a result of having braces. But as they grow, it might be necessary to adjust the braces from time to time. If this ever creates a situation where they should refrain from sports for a little while, your Port Orange orthodontist will let you know.

Do Kids Need to Do Anything Special Before Playing Sports with Braces?

There is usually nothing special a child needs to do to prepare to play sports while wearing braces.

But there is one little exception!

It is always a wise idea to make sure that braces are completely clean before the start of any game.

Ideally, children should brush their teeth and floss between eating and playing any sport. This isn’t so much a safety matter – it is all about cultivating good dental health habits.

It is much easier to brush and floss first rather than wait for a game to be over. Even in winter sports, where body temperature doesn’t go up as much as in summer games, young athletes are bound to be tired and need rest after they’ve done their best out there!

That usually means brushing their teeth is the furthest thing from their minds.

When it comes to brushing after eating, sooner is usually better. The only exception is if your meal has been high in citrus fruits or other acidic content. If that’s the case, be sure to drink a glass of water before you brush. This helps remove acid from the teeth and prevent enamel from wearing down.

Kids with braces need to be especially careful to brush as soon as they can after eating because the wires of their braces can pin pieces of food against the teeth. This can lead to build-up, especially if they’ve been eating sugary sweets.

Do Clear Plastic Aligners Work Differently from Braces When It Comes to Sports?

Some kids prefer clear plastic aligners for their orthodontic needs. Dr. Beauchamp is an expert in these for kids, teens, and adults. Kids can often take advantage of this option if they have all or nearly all of their permanent teeth in. They also need to be mature enough to take care of them and make sure they use them for the required amount of hours every day.

One of the best things about clear plastic aligners is that you can remove them anytime!

This is great for when you are about to sit down to a big meal and would like to make it easier to brush afterward. It also works for playing sports. Some kids feel that their sports mouthguards fit them more comfortably once their plastic aligners are removed.

Although you’ll have to get the specifics directly from Dr. Beauchamp, most patients using plastic aligners will need to wear them 20 hours or more every day.

So, if it feels like a good idea to remove them before a big game, that’s fine! With one hour to play and an hour to eat a meal afterward, even the busiest young athlete will still have their aligners back on in plenty of time. There is never any need to worry that it will make things too complicated.

What Happens When a Child’s Braces Are Damaged While Playing Winter Sports?

If a child’s braces are damaged while playing sports, it’s important to take a time-out!

Some issues with braces can be fixed with a parent’s help or even by the child. Other times, such as when there’s a broken wire, you will need to schedule an appointment with your favorite Port Orange orthodontist to resolve things safely.

It’s crucial to evaluate the situation and make sure there’s no risk in continuing to play. When a wire is broken or exposed, there’s a much greater danger of injury if a child falls or collides with someone else, so you will definitely want to sit out the rest of the game.

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