Tips for Sending Your Children Back to School with Braces

Kids going back to school with braces need to make a few changes to ensure their treatment is successful.

For the most part, these are no big deal for older teens. Younger kids will need some support! By knowing what to expect, you can give them the guidance they need. Don’t worry – children can keep having fun at school and still get a straight, healthy smile!

Here’s how Mom and Dad can support orthodontic health for kids:

1. Mind What You Pack for Lunch

Many kids get a packed lunch every day. Naturally, you want to be sure they’re eating healthy. But some of the most common foods for kids’ lunches are a no-go with braces. The most important of these is apples. No one with braces should bite into an apple, which is so tough and crunchy it could damage orthodontic work. The other thing to look out for is sticky foods, with candies like caramel being #1 on the list.

2. Pack a Proxy Brush for Cleaning

A proxy brush for braces, also known as an interdental brush or an interdental pick, is a specialized orthodontic care tool for cleaning between teeth. It has a similar function to dental floss, but it’s much easier to use. It can also be very helpful in cleaning around braces. It’s vital to clean food debris away from braces since it could get pinned against the surface of a tooth and cause dental plaque.

Some proxy brushes are disposable, while others can be rinsed off and reused. In general, it’s easiest for kids to use the disposable kind. Misusing a reusable proxy brush could result in spreading bacteria around the mouth. Kids who have recess immediately following lunch may have time to clean up before their next class.

3. Don’t Leave Home Without Dental Wax

Dental wax is a safe, nontoxic substance that can be used to protect the mouth from sharp edges in the event a wire or bracket breaks, bends, or becomes loose. Wax is a good temporary solution for these and other issues, keeping your child safe from cuts until you or your Port Orange orthodontist can make a more permanent fix.

4. Use an Athletic Mouth Guard for Sports

At the high school level, students might have athletic mouthguards made available or may be expected to bring their own. A custom-fit mouthguard provides the greatest level of defense against accidents. The more contact a sport has, the more essential it is! With metal braces, an accidental hit can have serious consequences.

At the middle school level, students are less likely to have ready access to mouthguards. Work with a Central Florida orthodontist for a custom mouth guard that can be used for PE class, sports, and practice. This makes your student athlete’s life a whole lot easier!

5. Coordinate with Teachers and Coaches

Every school is different, and there may be rules around things like interdental brushes or mouth guards you should be aware of. Likewise, there might be periodic events like treat days and birthday parties where a kid could be presented with temptations – and it helps to have a teacher watching out for them. Make time to discuss your child’s needs so there’ll be no confusion in the future.

6. Be Sure You Have Follow-Up Appointments Scheduled

Every once in a while, your child will need a follow-up appointment with a trusted Port Orange orthodontist. During these visits, your orthodontist will check on the status of the braces. This includes an oral exam and might require some adjustments to the braces themselves.

Braces are designed to gradually and safely move teeth into a new, treated position. Over time, as the teeth shift, the level of tension on the braces’ wires needs to be changed. If the tension level isn’t right, then the treatment slows down. Missing an appointment by a few days is okay, but anything more costs you time.

Families are busier than ever, so it’s a wise idea to set your appointments in advance and know when they are. Kids will soon get used to seeing their orthodontist and understand there’s nothing to be worried about. After a few follow-ups, Dr. Beauchamp can estimate when the treatment will be complete.

Having braces really isn’t a big deal – but it can be fun to plan for a celebration when they come off. It’s a big milestone, and kids can have any foods that they’ve been missing!

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